We're certain KJ was the right choice! After touring the house we wanted to purchase, we learned that the selling agent had dealt with KJ in the past. She clearly trusted and respected him. I think that's why the bidding and purchasing of our home went so smoothly. - Jim & Tracey

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When I relocated from Calgary to Toronto, I appreciated the questions KJ asked me. KJ knew where I wanted to live because he took the time to find out what I liked. He's an excellent real-estate agent who didn't mind showing me around a new city. KJ's familiarity with Toronto neighbourhoods and his knowledge of my needs made for a perfect fit when I was ready to buy. - Reena, Downtown

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I wouldn't hesitate to use KJ again. He was invaluable when we moved in mid-2010, providing great service on both the buying and selling end. The advice was always smart and it was obvious he had our interests at heart and wasn't just looking to make the quickest commission possible." - Paul & Leigh, Mount Pleasant & Lawrence

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I would definitely refer KJ. He will make sure that your house is in perfect condition to sell. I thought we were getting the special "family" treatment but from watching him work with other friends I see that everyone gets the "family" treatment. And, he knew the market well and correctly priced our house. I should add his team, James, Bev and the landscape guy were wonderful and did great work! - Leaside Sellers

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